Legend of the Dreamcatcher ~ English version

Dreamcatcher made with lots of love
The spider weaves are threads that are filled with the beautiful energy of nature. He is round like the sun and like the fertile womb of the mother who bears life. In the old tradition any child arriving on this earth would receive a dream catcher for him to remember that it carries in him bursts of the sun, reflections of the moon, wind and drops of water and he knows that are heart beats to the rhythm of mother earth in harmony with are environment. It is customary for the child to keep it as a lucky charm that he will later offer to his own children.
The time of manufacture is a moment that I devote to the meditation of the well-being of the people for whom he will be devoted. In this case you … A vigil of Full Moon was dedicated to him to make it unique to this energy.
The place we regenerate our energy is best when sleeping.
So when you dream, these are caught in the web that traps in its network of son nightmares. Bad dreams slip into the pearls and at sunrise, the heat warms them up and evaporates bad dreams through the central hole. All the beautiful dreams, the ones we dream of and that we wish with all our heart, slide on the soft feathers and return to the room. By caressing the feathers we can bring back all our sweet dreams.
Without being mandatory, it’s good to install it at a window where the sun appears.

I wish you wonderful dreams day and night.


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